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Maintenance Troubleshooting Tips

In case of an emergency, dial 911

If the situation involves a serious water leak, locate the main water valve in your rental property/unit and turn it to the off/closed position We encourage you to review the tips below before submitting a maintenance request. Also You Tube has a large selection of how to videos that may assist in resolving your minor maintenance issue.

Dishwasher won’t turn on

  • Flip the wall switch near the sink
  • Check to ensure that the lock is engaged
  • Check timer setting to ensure it is aligned properly

Garbage disposal not operating

  • Is the garbage disposal making a humming sound? Run your hand along the bottom of the unit for a small button. Once you find the button, press it to reset the disposal
  • Is the garbage disposal humming and not turning. Look for the disposal wrench attached to the disposal use it to turn the bottom of the disposal counter clockwise. Then press the reset button on the bottom of the disposal
  • Grind lemon peels and ice to help prevent odors

Toilet Runs Constantly

  • Check for kink or disconnect of lift chain from the handle lever which is preventing the flap to seat properly
  • If unable to stop toilet run – turn off water to the toilet using the knob behind the toilet until maintenance is able to access the problem. This will prevent high water bills

Water puddling around toilet

  • Submit maintenance request through the tenant portal

Sink/Toilet Clogs

  • Use appropriate liquid drain cleaner from local market.
  • Use ball or flange plunger
  • Make sure hair and grease are not disposed in the toilet or sink

Smoke detector beeping

  • Change battery. If problem persist, consider replacing the detector. Do Not Remove Detector. It is required by law.

AC not cooling

  • If the air filter has not been changed in 30 days, change it. Remember per your lease the filter must be changed monthly
  • If the digital thermostat is not working check/change the battery
  • If you notice ice on the coils at the unit, turn off AC and submit maintenance request

No Heat/Hot water

  • Check pilot light on water heater, if not lit, contact Piedmont Natural Gas
  • No heat and it is provided by Piedmont Natural Gas call for service

Appearance of Mold

  • Refer to the EPA booklet issued when you were leased first – A Brief guide to Mold and Moisture in your Home
  • If problem persist, after following suggestions submit a maintenance request

Power outages

  • Locate the GFCI outlets (outlets with the test and reset buttons) and press the reset button on all GFCI outlets.
  • Look for GFCIs in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages and on the home’s exterior. Test and reset every GFCI you can find.
  • Make sure the power is not out in the area – call Duke Energy
  • If the reset button doesn’t work, schedule a maintenance request.

Potential charges to Tenant

  • The cost for any maintenance repairs that are deemed to have been caused by your actions or negligence.
  • Missed scheduled appointment
  • Office key copy to the property does not work